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New Australian & New Zealand Representatives

Big Music Studios took over as the Australasian representative for Rockschool on June 1st, 2014. Like many of Rockschool’s participants, Big Music Studios is a tuition facility based in Sydney, Australia. Our administration team is made up of 6 people, however, at the current time Crystie is the main point of contact for all Rockschool enquiries. Please note: for those who have already made contact with Big Music Studios through Daisy she is no longer with us so please contact Crystie at crystie.short@bigmusic.com.au. 

Please bear with us as we continue to update the Rockschool website.

New Booking Process

Since June 1st, Big Music Studios has been setting up a new bookings system for all Rockschool exam bookings and payments. All candidates will register a profile, book an exam time & pay online using credit card. All candidates will also receive automated confirmation and reminder emails after completing the booking. Once a profile has been created, all candidates will be able to log in to see their exam booking and also book into the future.

Please note that your exam time may be changed slightly by Big Music Studios in order to keep the schedule as condensed as possible for the examiners travelling to your area. Big Music Studios will contact you if a change to your originally booked exam time occurs.

Candidates can currently register a profile however bookings will not be available until registrations open on September 1st.

Business Development Managers

Each state has been or is currently being appointed a Business Development Manager (BDM). This is the local point of contact for all Rockschool participants e.g. exam centres, schools & teachers and is the face and ambassador of Rockschool for each state. It is the BDM who will meet with potential Exam Centres and confirm their eligibility. Processes are currently being put in place with regards to contacting BDM’s directly. For now please send any enquiries here and we will forward them to the appropriate BDM.

Local Examiners

Big Music Studios has been working on further localising Rockschool in Australia. Rockschool UK made the long trip to Sydney, Australia in June to train 2 local examiners. This will eventually expand to the point where Rockschool will have a local examiner in each state of Australia as well as New Zealand.



"Rockschool is a fun way to introduce young musicians to some foundational elements of music such as, stylistic versatility, reading music and timekeeping. I highly recommend Rockschool for any contemporary music program."  

J. Bedoukian - C3 College.

"Rockschool Graded Music Exams help my students to set goals and gain confidence. I love that Rockschool gives them the skills required to be a musician in the real world, and gives them the valuable opportunity of ensemble playing. Kids love this aspect especially!"

Ms. R. Fuller - Oxford Falls Grammar School and Oakhill College.


The qualifications regulators of England, (Ofqual) Wales, (DfES) and Northern Ireland (CCEA) accredit Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Entry Level (Debut) to Grade 8 plus the Teaching and Performance Diplomas. The qualifications regulator of Scotland (SQA Accreditation) accredit Rockschool Graded Music Exams, Grades 1 to 8.